Amicus IT
Business Services

Whether you’re a small business with 1 computer or a large company with 100’s of computers and servers Amicus IT offers your firm the solution you need. We are the highest recommended IT company in St. Louis.

If you’re technically savvy yourself, and you just want help from time to time for more complex projects, we’re here to help!

If you need a phone number that you and your employees call when there’s a problem, we can do that too! We offer a complete help desk solution, providing you just one number to call for ANY of your IT needs.

We are a small business, so we understand uptime is essential. Amicus IT offers an array of services, providing your IT equipment the reliability and stability it deserves. We manage thousands of devices, such as laptops, desktops, workstations, desk phones, servers, and networking equipment. We provide the following services:

IT Monitoring + Maintenance

Proactive system support. We find and correct issues before they become problems. Often, before your team realizes it exists. Most IT Service Providers call this Managed Services, but nobody outside our industry knows what that means.

VoIP + Hosted Phone

Telephone communication over the Internet. Make and take calls to anywhere and from anywhere in the world with many features.

Cloud Solutions

Offering Cloud solutions to allow you or your team to work from anywhere across multiple devices. You will no longer have to go into the office to “quickly grab documents”.

Network Management

Wired, Wireless, and the Internet. fast, secure, and available.

Business Continuity

Keep your business effective, efficient, and prepared for the risks of tomorrow.

On-site + Emergency Services

We can come to you. For problems that need expert hands, we’ve got it covered.

Disaster Recovery

Losing critical data is hard, we’ve been there. There may still be solutions.

Outsourcing and Cooperation

Let us take care of it, so you don’t have to. You’ve got bigger things to do.

Helpdesk Services

Call us, Email us, Text us. Here to listen and create solutions for your problems.

IT Asset Management

A complete roadmap of your critical infrastructure.

Strategic IT Consulting

Let us help you plan your IT strategy so we can help you achieve your goals faster.


Keeping your data, secure, confidential, yet accessible to the people who need it.

Why more and more St. Louis
businesses trust us with their IT

Working with small businesses I grew frustrated with two things.

One: The tools available for Fortune 500 companies were technically and economically out of reach for small businesses.

Two: IT companies servicing small businesses were not responsive to their clients.

Over the years we built relationships with vendors and created an economy-of-scale by bundling our clients’ needs to affordably provide small and medium businesses the same tools available to large enterprises. We use modern tools to prevent and manage as many issues as we can BEFORE they become problems—often even before our clients realize the issues exist.

We are maniacal about customer service. At St. Louis IT we know that even small IT issues can impact your entire operation.

While computer repair companies might look at an issue that affects only one employee as “low priority” and fall back on their contracted response time, we understand that if that single user is under deadline, it might be the most important issue in the company at that time. This is why we typically contact our clients within 15 minutes to talk about the issue they are having and prioritize them appropriately.