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Amicus IT was founded as Phillips Technology Services in New York City in the mid-1990s. At the time our focus was on the entertainment industry. When we moved to St. Louis, we changed the name to honor our new home and St. Louis IT Solutions, LLC was born. A few years ago we realized that most of our clients were in the legal community and we wanted our name to reflect our client base and our friendly nature so we became Amicus IT.

We would love to help you use technology to help your clients more efficiently.

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Founder + President

Why more and more St. Louis
businesses trust us with their IT

Working with small businesses I grew frustrated with two things.

One: The tools available for Fortune 500 companies were technically and economically out of reach for small businesses.

Two: IT companies servicing small businesses were not responsive to their clients.

Over the years we built relationships with vendors and created an economy-of-scale by bundling our clients’ needs to affordably provide small and medium businesses the same tools available to large enterprises. We use modern tools to prevent and manage as many issues as we can BEFORE they become problems—often even before our clients realize the issues exist.

We are maniacal about customer service. At St. Louis IT we know that even small IT issues can impact your entire operation.

While computer repair companies might look at an issue that affects only one employee as “low priority” and fall back on their contracted response time, we understand that if that single user is under deadline, it might be the most important issue in the company at that time. This is why we typically contact our clients within 15 minutes to talk about the issue they are having and prioritize them appropriately.