but what does ransomware mean to you?

If you’ve heard of it, you may have put two and two together. And figured out that ransomware is a form of malware (malicious software) that holds your business to ransom.

Cyber criminals take control of your files, photographs, and any other data that’s important to you. They encrypt it, and deny you access until you’ve paid a ransom of their choosing.

You’ll know quite clearly if you’ve got ransomware. You’ll be locked out of your computers. And there’ll be a message on your screens telling you to pay a “fine” or the crime gets worse.

An example of what you might have to pay is $7,000 (in bitcoin, the online currency). If you fail to pay up within three days, the figure doubles. Fail to pay within a week and your data is gone. Deleted.

While anyone can become a victim of ransomware, it’s usually small to medium sized businesses (just like yours) that are targeted. That’s because they rarely spend an adequate amount of time or money on security for their devices and networks.

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